Felix Meana
December 1, 2021 | Felix Meana

Bodegas Matsu

THIS MONTH, we'e featuring Bodega Matsu, with the manager of Vintae Wines, Ricardo Arambarri. You might remember Marta Plana, our featured importer for our very first month of Curate Wine Club. Marta represents Vintae with her importing company, the Winetones, and brought us together with Richi. I'd like to introduce Richi to share about this incredible winery in his own words, just for Curate Wine Club members. If you enjoy these wines, the fourth wine in this collection, La Jefa, is available with limited stock at curatewineclub.com!

When I was barely 23 my father felt seriously ill (he is gladly recovered now), so I had to take care of the wineries and the projects that he had previously started in his homeland Rioja. I consolidated them, and followed-up the exploration in order to add new wine areas, as Navarra, Ribera del Duero and Toro. Toro was one of the great discoveries on those first Vintae years. I was astonished by the huge extension of very old vineyards, some of them even previous to filoxera, that I saw in a D.O. quite unknown at that time (mid 2000s) but which I sensed was full of potential. I wanted to break the Toro reputation of strong wines by transferring the classical Riojan “touch” of kind and elegant wines. I was shocked to meet Juan, a winegrower of the area who trust the rhythm of Nature, letting Nature take its course and using ancient techniques inherited from popular wisdom. This wisdom, shared for all this country men that I meet, pushed me to put all of them in the centre of the project. The faces of “El Pícaro” (the sly boy), “El Recio” (the strong man), “El Viejo” (the old man), and “La Jefa” (the female boss) are, without any doubt, the best Toro introduction around the world. Three red wines and one white wine, real handcrafted wines with our Vintae seal, fresh wines which let the vineyard talk.– Ricardo




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