Felix Meana
January 1, 2022 | Felix Meana

Próspero Año Nuevo!

Artadi wines have been on our wine list at Cúrate since day one, but it wasn’t until later on that we started a relationship with Carlos Lopez De Lacalle. Carlos is part of the family, a winemaker, and an Artadi ambassador. We have worked together plenty of times since he visited us at Cúrate, and now we’re very excited to bring their beautiful wines to your home. Salut and feliz y próspero año nuevo! ~ Felix

“After 5 generations dedicated to the cultivation of the vine in Laguardia, Alava, Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle launches to discover the great wine-viniculture diversity that we have in the Iberian Peninsula. Autochthonous varieties, millenary traditions and areas with optimal climatic conditions and soils for the cultivation of the vine that provide sincere and unique wines.

Today we present the viticultural reality of two villages such as Laguardia, located in Alava and San Martin de Unx in Navarra. Villages with sedimentary seabed soils on the one hand and calcareous erosion on the other that combine perfectly with two varieties perfectly adapted to their climatology such as Tempranillo and Viura in Laguardia and Garnacha in San Martin de Unx. 

Sincere, pure wines, wines full of primary expressions.

In this selection –

  • Viñas de Gain White, from 50+ year old grapes with 3 years of aging in Inox and bottle before release to the market.

  • Viñas de Gain Red, a selection of vineyards from 20-25 vineyards in Laguardia that transmit the elegance of the tannins of this town. A wine of immediate enjoyment.

  • Artazu Pasos de San Martin, a 13 ha vineyard located in the southern part of the village that transmits the floral and fruity aromas so typical of San Martin.” – Carlos Lopez de Lacalle



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