Felix Meana
October 1, 2021 | Felix Meana

Exploring Southern Catalonia

Discover the European grape...or should I say the Mediterranean grape? Did you know that Catalonia is the area with the most Garnacha in the world?

Garnacha is the Mediterranean variety par excellence, and Catalonia offers many different expressions thanks to diverse microclimates and soils. It has the ability to deliver complex, structured and well balanced wines. You can find Garnacha as both a red or white grape, so the wine itself can be red, white, or rosé. Because of that, Garnacha is one of the most versatile and diverse grape varieties ~ LOVE GARNACHA!

We teamed up with European Cellars and Kellog Selections to offer you an incredible expression of this amazing grape from three different Southern Catalonian regions. SALUT! 


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