Curate x Botanist & Barrel Cider 750ml

Sidra Natural, dry, unfiltered, wild fermented. Made with a blend of Hewes Crab, Siberian apples and other varieties from NC and VA. Partially aged in Chardonnay and Cognac Barrels. Can conditioned. A collaboration between Cúrate Botanist and Barrel. 6.9% Abv

For the second year in a row, we teamed up with the fine folks from Botanist & Barrel, well-loved local producers of natural ciders and wines, to start an exciting project – a locally produced Spanish-style Cúrate Cider to honor both our local apple growers, and the sidra natural classic to Northern Spain.

Chef Katie Button and Felix Meana knew it needed to be funky, natural, unfiltered, and bone dry. After choosing just the right apples, harvesting, blending, tasting and canning, we’re thrilled to share that the Botanist & Barrel x Cúrate Spanish-style Cider collaboration is available now! It’s made from cold-pressed crab apples and other varieties from NC and VA and partially aged in cognac and chardonnay barrels, and amazingly delicious.

This is the 750ml format, perfect to grace the dinner table or enjoy with friends.

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