Lustau Sherry Experience

Explore the world of sherry with this at-home tasting experience from Lustau. Includes (6) 375ML bottles:

​​Manzanilla Papriusa

PAIR WITH: Seafood

Bright yellow color. This Manzanilla is laced with sea breeze scents and pleasant chamomile and yeasty (flor) aromas. Bone dry and light. The perfect expression from Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

​​Fino del Puerto


Pale straw color. A coastal tasting wine. Very dry. This Fino is exclusively aged in el Puerto de Santa María, by the Atlantic Ocean. Very briny, fresh, and classy.

​​Fino Jarana


Bright pale straw color with greenish reflections. This is the style of Fino made in Jerez de la Frontera: fresh, full of notes of almonds and bread dough. Dry and crisp.

​​Amontillado Los Arcos

PAIR WITH: Mushrooms

This dry Amontillado gets a genuine, rich, and nutty flavor through years of aging. Amber in color, with hazelnut aromas on the nose. Light and soft on the palate.

​​Oloroso Don Nuño

PAIR WITH: Nuts & Cheeses

Dark bronze color. Walnuts and chocolate aromas with a smoky wood background. This Oloroso wine has an intense, round palate.

PX San Emilio

PAIR WITH: Dessert

Ebony in color. Its aromas are reminiscent of figs, chocolate, and​ ​coffee. Sweet, velvety and with a lovely acidity that balances the wine on the palate.

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