Sincronia Negre


APPELATION: D.O. Mallorca – Plà i Llevant 

VARIETALS:  Callet / Gorgollasa / Mantonegro / Monastrell / Cabernet / Merlot

WINEMAKER: Bàrbara Mesquida Mora

ABOUT THE WINE:  Sincronia Negre is one of two complementary entry-level cuvées produced from biodynamically estate-farmed red grape varieties by Bàrbara Mesquida Mora. As with all of her wines, Sincronia Negre is a mosaic recalling the combination of grape varieties in the blend while also representing the history of her pioneering winemaking family. 2020 was a strenuous year for the growers, where an incredible amount of work had to be done in the vineyards to keep up with the challenges brought on by rain and mildew. However, it resulted in a high-quality harvest with an average loss of 40% of fruit due to devastating spring mildew outbreaks, resulting in leaf loss and reduction in the number of bunches. Harvest ended up being early, at the beginning of August. Despite the setbacks, the quality of the grapes that remained was very good. 

TASTING NOTES:  Sincronia Negre is a love letter to the rich mosaic of Mallorca’s diverse grape varietal makeup. This wine combines both freshness and power; with Mediterranean garrigue aromatics and a core of mouth-watering fruit destined to pair incredibly well with any food. It is a warm introduction to the soul and spirit of Mallorca, a joyous red table wine destined to elevate any meal or situation. It is produced with low intervention and in limited quantities.

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DO Pla i Llevant (Balearic Islands)
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